LWCC wins the Celent Model Insurer Award for Legacy and Ecosystem Transformation.

Celent Model Insurer Award 2024

Nothing is better than seeing a client succeed except for seeing them win an award for their efforts.  PS Advisory is exceptionally pleased to announce that LWCC has won the Celent Model Insurer Award for Legacy and Ecosystem Transformation.


Let’s face it: insurance is hard.  The industry has consistently worked to try and improve how core processes are managed and how insureds and claimants are serviced and strives to create proactive, profitable relationships with independent agents and brokers.  All established insurers have been investing in systems to address these issues over the years. This legacy infrastructure can make it difficult to adopt new technologies and change how they are doing business. 

LWCC has faced that challenge and has come out successfully on the other side.  Leveraging Salesforce insurance solutions and the implementation skills of PS Advisory, LWCC has transformed its agency distribution management process and its broker portal and created a new underwriting environment.  Adopting an agile implementation approach, LWCC has been able to roll out functionality in an effective manner that enables it to build on successes and adjust its direction as challenges arise.  The results have been impressive.  Agency Relations has better insight and tools for managing relationships with agents, the agents have easier-to-use online tools that also include more online transaction capabilities, and LWCC upgraded the underwriting process without sacrificing underwriting quality.  LWCC has been able to improve underwriting capacity while maintaining its already high underwriting standards


We thank Cody Dickinson, Gary Sanders, and the rest of the LWCC team for trusting PS Advisory to be their implementation partner on this journey.  

You can watch a very interesting video of Cody and Gary being interviewed by Donald Light, the Celent Director that wrote the accompanying Model Insurer Case Study on the LWCC projects.

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