How N2G Revolutionized Insurance

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N2G Wins the Celent Award

In an era where multinational insurers faced complexities, N2G emerged as a beacon of innovation.

  • A unique collaboration between Generali and Nationwide.
  • The journey from siloed challenges to a unified, global underwriting solution.
  • The culmination into an industry’s gold standard platform.

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    “Bringing together two renowned carriers into a single platform posed significant challenges.” – Christian Zwingel, N2G’s Chief Operations Officer

    The seamlessly integrated process across multiple Lines of Business has been a game-changer for us.” – Ken Ratajczyk, N2G’s Senior Vice President of West Zone Underwriting

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    • Broker Engagement
    • Book of Business
    • Data Insights and Analytics

    Insurance Portals

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    • Underwriter Desktop
    • Claims Portal
    • Audit Portals

    Process Automation

    • Business Rules Automation
    • Clearance and Compliance checks
    • Underwriter Authority
    • Approval Process
    • Document Generations

    Insurance Data & Insights

    • Integration Architecture
    • Data Validation Frameworks
    • Middleware Implementation
    • Field level History tracking

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